Where can we order the matching paint kit?

GenStone color matched paint kits are available for purchase at your local Home Depot or Lowes. You can also purchase the color-matching paint and caulking kits directly from our website which many of our customer's state is the easier to do. 

Our paint kits are great for touch up purposes! If you have a larger area that needs to be painted I suggest taking your panel to your local hardware store so they can match the paint color. 

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  • The information is inaccurate.   Searches of Lowes.com and HomeDepot.com show no Genstone products for sale in either caulk or paint products.  Nor do the caulks or paints show up in a Genstone search.  Despite stating that the products are available for order directly from Genstone, I can find no page or link on the website to an actual ordering form or process.  


    Please provide the direct links to the product ordering page rather than telling us it is somewhere that it is not. 

    I STILL don't have a clue how to get the touch up paint I need!

  • Do we have an answer yet on where we can buy this so called matching calk and paint? I can't find it anywhere. 


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