Can I install GenStone over cinder block for my outdoor bbq?

Yes, GenStone can be installed over cinderblock, and upgrading your bbq area with faux stone will look stunning without breaking the bank! With that being said, if any of the areas get too hot to touch, we do not recommend placing GenStone in those areas. 

Installing stone veneer panels over poured concrete or cinderblock requires at least 8 mechanical fasteners – 3 into top shiplap, 3 into the face (field) at bottom 1-4” of the panel, and 2 on right edge shiplap. (Please use Tapcon, Calburn, or equivalent hardened masonry screws) and generous glue pattern (PL 300, Franklin General Purpose, or equivalent) on the back of panels to help hold the panels. Housewrap is not required over cement applications or ICFs).

Below is a finished project where they utilized GenStone to spruce up their outdoor barbeque space. Feel free to check out our installation guides by clicking here


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