What is the difference between faux stone and real stone?

There are numerous properties that are different between GenStone and real stone. First is the overall cost of the products along with the cost to install. GenStone is significantly cheaper to install without compromising the overall look and aesthetic you want. Below is a chart comparing the different stone options which also explains the pros and cons of each! Click here to see a more detailed explanation and an infographic of each stone comparison. 

  GenStone Stone With Clips Cast/Natural Stone
Cost to Install $2 - $5 $10 - $13 $12 - $15
Install Time (Roughly) 90-120mins  6-8hrs 12-16hrs
Skill Level Basic Carpentry Skills Moderate Carpentry Skills Mason Carpentry Skills
Waterproof Yes No No
Insulation Value 3.6 per inch NA NA
Weight Approx 1-1.5lbs per sqft Approx 12lbs per sqft Approx 12lbs per sqft
Substrate Requirments No prep work. Flat solid, substrate with vapor barrier (if required) Vapor Barrier & Starter Strips

Vapor Barrier, mesh or metallathe, scratch coat, mortar setting bed.

Required Tools Safety glasses, saw, tape measure, level, caulking gun, utility knife, screw gun

Safety glasses, goggles, grinding face shield, circular saw, hand grinder,

chop saw, wet saw w diamond blade, level, chalk line, tape measure, tin snips, brush, screw gun.

Safety glasses, hammer/staplegun, dust mask, wheelbarrow, hoe, hawk/trowel, wisk broom, masonry circular/table saw w diamond blade, wide mouth nippers/hatchet, grout bag, metal jointing tool, level, tape measure
Steps  install ready right out of box. Measure, cut, level, attach. Then enjoy! install starter strips where you plan to put stone. Layout pieces and cut them to fit with masonry blade. Insert screws/nails into each clip on every stone. install vapor barrier, fasten lathe, mix mortar, apply scratch coat, wait until dry, snap chalk lines. Moisten scratch coat, cut stones to size w saw, apply mortar to back of stones. Mix grout, apply between stones, tool/clean grout, wait until dry
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