Can GenStone be installed around a fireplace?

Yes, the faux stone can be placed near a fireplace! If you have a zero clearance or gas fireplace, GenStone can typically be placed next to the unit. However, if the area around the fireplace gets hot to the touch (too hot to touch for longer than 10 seconds), please contact the fireplace manufacturer for the specific distances necessary to safely install our products, or I would suggest ordering our class A fire panels.

The class A panels are fire-rated and can be special ordered through our corporate office and would take roughly 3-6 weeks to make. You can reach our corporate office at 303-904-7200.

We have had many of our customers use GenStone around their fireplaces with no issues. Feel free to check out Jeff's success story after installing the faux stone around his fireplace. Jeff used our class-A, fire-rated, interior panels to complete his project and it turned out absolutely stunning!

Below is an example of a completed fireplace project where they used the GenStone product.


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