Vocabulary for the Siding Industry

Panel Siding

Siding that comes in sections, usually four foot by eight foot.

Aluminum Siding

Metal siding made to look like wooden lap siding.

Brick Veneer

A wall construction method in which a layer of brick is attached to the framework or a structure using brick ties.

Cast Stone (boooo!)

Man-made material fashioned to resemble coral stone or some other natural stone.


A waterproof material used to seal joints.


The area of the accessory trim or corner post where siding or soffit panels are inserted.

Fiberboard Siding

Siding made of composite wood material.

General Contractor

A construction professional who enters into a contract with the owner of a project  for the construction of the project.

Lap Siding

Siding that looks like individual boards. Each siding piece is “lapped” over an adjoining piece below for waterproofing.


A professional who builds or works with brick or stone.


Any of various bonding materials used in masonry especially a plastic mixture of cement or lime and sand and water that hardens into place and bonds brick or stone.

Shipping Broker

Specializes in the coordination of transportation services.

Shake Siding

Also known as shingle siding. Comes in widths of four to twelve inches.

Square Feet

A unit of measurement used to denote the amount of siding material used for a particular siding job including material waste.


Is one ply or a thickness of something.

Vinyl Siding

Siding made of poly vinyl chloride.

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