Can GenStone be installed over existing brick?

Absolutely! GenStone artificial siding only requires a clean, dry substrate, such as OSB, plywood, concrete, or existing siding providing the surface is flat such as RB&B, Textured 1-11, or any hardboard panel siding. 


We recommend Tapcon screws to fasten your GenStone to existing brick. Tapcon screws can be drilled into the brick as well as the mortar lines as described in this article.


Featured below is a home remodel where the individual installed GenStone over existing white brick. 



*Photo credit to ENS Home Solutions, LLC in Pennsylvania 



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  • It is not recommended that you drill into asbestos.  This will create a dust that is not good to inhale.  GenStone installation requires at few screw to hold the product into place while a premium construction adhesive cures.  I do not believe GenStone would be a good fit for this application.

  • Can you put genstone over abestos tiles


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