Can GenStone be installed over existing brick?

Absolutely! GenStone artificial siding only requires a clean, dry substrate, such as OSB, plywood, concrete, or existing siding providing the surface is flat such as RB&B, Textured 1-11, or any hardboard panel siding.  Featured below is a home remodel where the individual installed GenStone over existing white brick. 

There is also is a guide below that goes step by step through the process of how to apply GenStone to existing brick. 


*Photo credit to ENS Home Solutions, LLC in Pennsylvania 



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  • Can you put genstone over abestos tiles

  • It is not recommended that you drill into asbestos.  This will create a dust that is not good to inhale.  GenStone installation requires at few screw to hold the product into place while a premium construction adhesive cures.  I do not believe GenStone would be a good fit for this application.


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